Potsdam, the school that became Munro

     New York Times,  July 3, 1906

Mr Charles Kenroth


3rd headmaster


[I am attempting to confirm the information contained in these obituaries.]

 Who was Charles Henry Kenroth, and how did he come to be in Jamaica in the 1860s? I have been unable to find any clear answers to these questions.

I found this information online at  http://www.rootdigger.de/

* born in

Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

* born in


Kehnroth, Carl Hinrich




son of Johann Christian Friedrich * born in and * born in Anna, née Stuehrk.

Married and three children by 1889.



In B B Ward's notes, lodged in the Jamaica Archives, he wrote 'I am told that he was a Russian, others say that he was a Prussian . . .' - so it is possible that Carl Heinrich Kehnroth was, in English, Charles Henry Kenroth.

There is minimal reference to Kenroth in Jamaica; the first reference is seen in this advertisement: >>>>>>>>

[A P Rowe was presumably Arthur Panton Rowe, a son of Archdeacon Rowe; A P R was later ordained and probably went to live in the UK]

He had obviously already established useful contacts in the island, but it is surprising that he should be pursuing a career as a schoolmaster if he really had graduated as a doctor at the University of Erlangen in 1860. According to B B Ward's notes he was taken on as second master at Potsdam to replace L G Richards, but very shortly the headmaster,  Rev Thomas Robinson, had resigned, in November 1866, perhaps as a result of disagreement with Kenroth. This presumably left the latter in charge.

                Daily Gleaner, November 16, 1866