Potsdam, the school that became Munro

Charles Plummer continued:


the headmaster    :    1865    :    afterwards    :    in education    :    family

later career in education

- as Inspector of Schools

                  Daily Gleaner,  May 19, 1869


- Mary Villa College

 Daily Gleaner,  December 26, 1889

Daily Gleaner, January 13, 1899

SCHOOL:—The Mary Villa College kept by the Misses Plummer in Upper Church Street will be re-opened on Tuesday next, the 17th instant. Parents who are looking out for a good school for their children should consider this one and give it a trial.

Father Jaeckel had been head of St George's College (which had a troubled history in the 19th century) from 1873 until 1877, when he abruptly walked off the job and started his own school, which he ran at Mary Villa from 1878 until his death in 1888, when Mary Villa was taken over by Charles Plummer and his daughters.

I am not sure of the accuracy of the location of St George's College, on John's Lane, just north of North Street, on this map.